Wednesday Web Tips: Using Tags Well to Optimise Your Blog Posts

One thing Google and other search engines need to know in order to show your content to Googlers and searchers, is What is Your Article About?

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In previous articles on content marketing and website localisation, we’ve looked at how using the right language, words and professional translation of content can help optimise your copy. Another step you can add to that process is to ad ‘Tags’.

Most website content management systems and blogging sites will have an option to add tags. These are similar to categories but can also be more specific. Here are the few little tips we have to use them wisely.

1. Always use tags, but use them sparingly.

Google knows that one blog post or article isn’t going to be about everything in the world to do with fashion. Keep your tags relevant to the individual post, not your entire ethos and market. Specific, consistent and regular is much more valuable for SEO than one long article with too many tags. Some people advise about six, others say no more than ten or twelve. To be safe, i would keep it at six when possible and ten as a maximum.

2. Use tags that are also words in your post.

Add tags that are words used in your title, headings and main body copy of the piece you’re posting. This shows Google you like to keep things relevant and it backs up what this article is about.

3. Use words not phrases.

When possible, go for use of single words rather than long phrases. You might be speaking about Irish Fashion, but this relates to both Ireland and Fashion, so use Irish or Ireland as one tag, and Fashion as a second.

4. Don’t reuse terms.

If you have used the phrase Irish Fashion, or ‘Irish’ and ‘Fashion’ together, don’t also use them separately. It may possibly be seen as slightly spammy.

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