Wednesday Web Tips: Should you always use keywords in the first paragraph of a post for SEO?

SEO changes and develops as often as Google changes their algorithms. Major changes or updates are commonly announced but we can’t know the little changes, trials and tests and checking and monitoring that are happening day in and day out to see what gives users the best and most useful results.


The changes happen whether you’re searching in English, Arabic, Spanish or Chinese and even other search engines will make changes too.

One question or point that comes up in advice online for SEO is to use your key search terms or phrases in the first paragraph of copy on a page or post. The thinking behind this being that it will show up as the meta description in google search results. The meta description is the two lines, underneath the main link, in your list of results from Google. IN the image below, it’s the text shown in grey.

Wednesday web tips


By using certain phrases that people are likely to type into Google when looking for a business service or product like the one you provide, you allow Google to know what you’re website has to offer. But it’s important not to go overboard and they’re slowly making changes to make this better for users. But if you’re in SEO, you’ll have to keep up!

In the past, the first line or two of copy may have been the most important, but now, we’re noticing that Google is previewing copy from any area of a page or post in the meta description section for results. In one way this is good news. You don’t need to manipulate your first, and very important sentence just to keep up with SEO. On the other hand, it’s hard to gauge what IS more important. From some of Googles biggest changes in recent times, we’d advise cutting down on keyword focus and putting more time into getting great customer reviews and testimonials on Google plus as well as through the ‘Review’ option that Facebook business pages offers.

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