Translator Tips: Practice Your Conversational English at a Fun Dublin Meetup

If you’ve moved to Ireland and English isn’t your first language, you might be here to improve it. Or it might be a necessity to improve it to nail that interview, help make better sense of life or just make some new friends. 

practice English

If you’ve moved here with family or you live with people who speak the same first language as you, perhaps you’re not finding as many opportunities to practice your English as you’d have expected to and would like. That’s where a lovely little Meetup group comes in handy.

The English Corner Dublin City Meetup’s aim is to help individuals to improve their English, to network, to socialise, to learn about other cultures, and have fun in a structured and informal way.

Participants are divided into a few different groups with a topic on the table. You get to discuss the topic for fifteen minutes and then each group chooses a presenter or creates a group presentation on the topic. It’s a great way to learn some new things, chat to some new and interesting people but also the fact that it offers some structure and suggested topics can make it much easier to actually find things to chat about and also means you get the opportunity to learn some new words, phrases or understandings for some really specific topics.

Whether you’re an English speaking native, Spanish, Brazillian, Italian, French, wherever, come along and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s time for casual hanging out and interacting after the group discussions and anyone from 18 up is welcome.

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