Translator News: Papers Invited for International Translation Conference

Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s Translation & Interpreting Institute (TII) will host the 6th International Translation Conference

March 23-24, 2015, Qatar National Convention Centre


‘Translating the Gulf: Beyond Fault Lines’ will be the title and focus of this year’s conference as it aims to open dialogue on divergent forms of theoretical inquiry and methodological approaches in translation and interpreting.

“To achieve the objective, the conference departs from metaphorical inquiry into geographical fissures of the region — tectonic fault lines, desert expanses, seasonal rivers, mountains, valleys, and urban constructs — to arrive at a new formulation of translation networks…At a time when economies continue to expand throughout and beyond the region, translation can contribute to the creation of connections between the region and many developing and developed areas around the world.”


Proposed Topics

  • Topographies of Translation
  • Translation Fault Lines
  • Translation and Interpreting in Arab Media
  • Translating the Current Political Scene in the Arab Word Across Cultures
  • Reconsidering Literary and Theoretical Orientalisms
  • New Directions in Postcolonial / South-South Translation
  • Arab and Other Non-Western Approaches to Translation and Gender
  • Expanding Global Translation Networks
  • Deconstructive Geographies, Poststructural Displacements, Translation Slippage
  • Migration and Communication Networks
  • Translating and Representing Difference
  • The Relationship between of Translation and History
  • Translation as a Tool for the Creation of a Knowledge-Oriented Society
  • Translation and the Knowledge Economy

Authors may submit papers in Arabic or English, along with a 250 to 300-word abstract, contact details, and information about your institutional affiliation before October 30th. Those invited to speak will have 20 minute slots to present and a further 10 minutes to respond to questions. ,

Further details on the conference and application here:

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