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The Finnish Community in Ireland

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Since 1995, when Finland joined the European Union, the number of Finns living in Ireland has grown significantly. There have been many relocation for either work or study. Many multinational companies have attracted a lot of IT and Technology experts to Ireland. To date there is around 1200 Finns in the Republic, most of them living in Dublin and Cork.

The growth inside the Finns population has inspire online and offline communities to be created with the purpose of bringing Finns and Irish together as well as promote the Finnish culture. Two of the main organisations are the Irish Finnish Society (IFS) and the Finnish Business Club (FBC). The IFS was founded in 1978 and is the cornerstone of the Finnish society in Ireland. They organize many social activities and they are the coordinators of the Finnish school and playgroup or Suomi-koulu ja – kerho in the Finnish language. The IFS organize the biggest celebration for Finland: The Finnish Independence Day with a reception in December.

The FBC is a network of business people and professional in Dublin for those who are Finnish or have an interest in Finland. They organise events focusing in business and economics. They work in close cooperation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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