Translator Conference: ‘Translating Voices, Translating Regions Conference Series’, UK

From the 2nd until the 4th of October, Durham University will host the fourth International ‘Translating Voices, Translating Regions’ conference.

Interpreter translation conference

Invited speakers for the event include Erik Hertog; Lessius University College, Barbara Moser-Mercer; Université de Genève, Yasuhide Nakamura; Osaka University and Christina Schæffner from Aston University. Along with these brilliant minds, roundtable translation conference speakers include Piet Verleysen, Brian Fox, Michael Kelly, Noël Muylle and Alexander Perkins.

“The conference aims to address questions around the role of interpreters and translators as mediators in situations of sudden or continued emergency. After a landslide, a tsunami, an earthquake and other natural disasters, the arrival of humanitarian organisations, NGOs, and individuals from around the world has become a demonstration of international solidarity. Medical operation and rescue operations takes precedence, then reconstruction and collaboration with the local authorities to understand the large mass of data on the causes, effects, and consequences of the event begin. Yet, project managing rescue operations, tasks forces, and their immediate follow-up activities in situations of danger and disaster and coordinating groups of rescuers and local people with different nationalities, emergency procedures, languages, and social behaviour remain problems of mediation.”

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