Translation Tips: On Looking For Work After Moving to Ireland or While Abroad

So you may be sitting at home after a lovely week at a job you love, relaxing and watching a bit of telly. Or you might be thinking, this job is not for me, and deciding to use some of your weekend to consider some other options.

Interview interpreters

Having moved to a new country, or considering moving abroad, looking for work is just one part of a huge number of life-changing things you’ll have to do but if they don’t speak your first language there, translation companies can help with some of the barriers – even if you’re level of the required language is already very good.

Have  Professional Translator Look Over Your CV & Cover Letter

Even with a great handle of your required language in conversation and to actually perform your job, the written word can throw up some different issues. In some cases, it can be more formal, and small mistakes can appear greater when they appear before someone in print than when they briefly pass their ears for a moment. Having a professional translator look over your CV and cover letter may be of great benefit in making the very best first impression.

Have a Professional Translator Help With Your Company Research

Another important part of chasing a dream job is understanding a few key things – what are they really looking for from someone in the role you’re applying for and what is of great importance to the business or organisation as a whole. You can align your approach, attitude and interview answers to this as long as you’ve understood it fully. If a company website or job application brief has a lot of dense information and industry terms and language, having a translator may be worth the investment.

Have and Interpreter or Someone Who Speaks the Language Carry Out a Mock Interview With you

When you’re ready to apply or have received the wonderful news that you’re being called for interview, you may want to prepare for that too. Having an interpreter or friend who speaks both languages well, can explain to you any pitfalls that might be arising in your answers. The bonus of having a professional interpreter help out, is that you will get a great understanding of the elements you’re slipping up with, from both sides of the language.

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