Professional Interpreters

Choose an interpreting service that best suits your needs

Simultaneous Interpreting: Sometimes referred to as “real time interpretation”, simultaneous translation provides instantaneous, real-time interpretation of what is being said. It allows the speaker to continue talking in his own tongue, without pausing.

Consecutive Interpreting: In consecutive interpreting, the speaker regularly pauses after a sentence or phrase, enabling the interpreter to render his translation. Although this is time consuming, it allows a complete and accurate translation.

Community Interpreting:
 With the assistance of our interpreters, migrants of various nationalities can communicate freely with officials of the Social Welfare services, Registry offices, hospitals, GNIB, Revenue, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Labour Relations Commissioner, solicitors etc. Instant Translation guarantees strict confidentiality.

Language Accompaniment: 
An interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, visit or to a meeting or interview.