Translation News: New Yelp App for iPhone to Translate into 15 Languages

Popular business review site Yelp allows users to list businesses and post reviews. It’s a handy way to check out new places near you or in a place you’ve just moved to.

translation app

But if you’re using it whilst travelling and reviews are in a language you don’t speak, translating it can be a chore – especially if the only device you’re travelling with is your phone it can be even trickier. But help is soon at hand. Yelp themselves have decided to add a translate function into the app to help you out.

“Foreign language reviews can be translated automatically with the tap of a button: you can interpret one review or all reviews in one go. The feature works for all 15 officially supported Yelp languages spanning 27 countries: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Japanese.”


While auto-translation technology will likely never be perfect, it’s hard to translate the nuances and even slang of cultures and languages that are ever-evolving, and it may not serve corporate translation or legal interpreting needs, we’re sure the addition to the app will be a welcome feature for travellers and people moving to new lands on exciting adventures.

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