Translation News: Kurdish Language Gets Synchronised for Business Communications

The Kurdish languages are several spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. The Kurdish languages, of which Kurmanji Kurdish has the largest number of speakers, are not mutually intelligible – meaning speakers of one dialect may not understand another, much like the many dialects of Arabic, which can pose problems when it comes to business communication across numerous Kurdish dialects or regions where various dialects are spoken.


Now, a new dictionary looks set to help standardise business terminology for Kurdish speakers in order to narrow linguistic differences and boost commercial relations among Kurds. The project hopes to result in publishing a dictionary of economic and commercial terminology for Sorani, Kurmanji, Zazaki and Gorani, dialects spoken by the millions of Kurds who remain scattered over Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

““We want the Kurds living in those four countries to be able to use the same terms in economics, trade and accounting, and understand one another even if they use their own dialects. ”

Several Kurdish associations and NGOs in Diyarbakir are involved in the project.

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