Translation, Languages & Culture: Event for Spanish 20th Century Poet Juan Ramon Jiménez

Juan Ramon Jiménez and his legacy: The Spanish Poet of the 20th Century

Covering some more of the many international cultural events in Ireland and Dublin, we now bring you the performance of “Diary of a Newlywed Poet.” This poem, written in the 20th century by Nobel prize winner Juan Ramon Jiménez, it is seen as a “brief guide of love on land, sea and sky” as well as the work that revolutionised the Spanish poetry field in the past century.

The poem is performed on stage by Spanish actor José Luis Gómez incarnating the solitary and isolated Nobel laureate to perfection. He brings back the known passion of the poet and the very intimate nature of his words.

The performance is part of the Juan Ramon Jiménez’s month including a series of talks, all taking part in November 2014. The play will be shown in the Smock Alley Theatre on November 5th at 7:00pm. El Instituto Cervantes is organising the evening and you can contact them for reservations. The play will be performed in the Spanish language with English subtitles.

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