Translation, Language & Culture Tips: Kurdish Food in Dublin

Kurdish Food in Dublin, Ireland

Kurdish translation Dublin

The Kurdish people are spread between Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Because of the turmoil of the past years in these areas, many Kurds leave their home to find a better life in the west. Ireland is one of their destinations and we now have in Dublin an authentic Kurdish restaurant! Located in the “wasn’t that popular but is getting there” corner of Clanbrassil street and South Circular road, the small café and restaurant will surprise you.

The interior is an interesting mix of Ikea, albeit partially and very add objects. Like a rug with a strange looking baby. If you managed, however, to ignore this, you are in for an amazing treat and with a tenner you can fill yourself to your heart’s content. The have fantastic Humus, delicious bread, Baba Ghanoush and plenty more to choose from.

The restaurant is a family run business, the father as the chef and mother and child carrying out many other tasks. The Kurdish café, although half empty in the day time, at night you will be surrounded by many having their traditional drinks and smoking Sheesha. If you are looking for a different meal alternative stop by for a visit this weekend.

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