Translation, Culture & Languages: A French Trip Down Memory Lane with the Dublin Theatre Festival

If you love the theatre and are looking for a good play to start the annual Dublin Theatre Festival, Adishatz/Adieu could be just the one for you.

Dublin Theatre Festival

Performed solely by French artist Jonathan Capdevielle, this self-portrait takes you through the events of his life through songs. As a teenager he would imitate pop icons singing the greatest hits of the 80’s.  The performance moves between music and conversation remembering the past that gave him his identity.

A successful artist, Capdevielle has had success as an actor for years in the French theatre scene. Adishatz/Adieu can be seen as his autobiography where he brings together his stage life and local traditions.

The play is sung a cappella, featuring a male choir; it will be showing at the Project Arts Centre, Dublin, from October 1-4. It will be performed in the English and French language.

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