Translation, Communication & Tech at the Dublin Web Summit 2014, 4-6 November

The translation industry is becoming increasingly advanced both in technology and requirements and scope as our world becomes increasingly global and international communications become more common and more crucial to both businesses and the consumer. Translators and marketers alike need to stay up to date with the world-wide-web and where better find out what’s cutting the edges today than at the Dublin Web Summit.


It’s hard to sell to customers when you’re speaking an entirely different language, no matter how nice your pictures are, and no where is this more apparent than on the web. Companies hoping to appeal to a global market need to offer localised sites, delivery options, and multiple language choices or they just can’t build the same level of trust with their consumers. Working with experienced, professional translation companies becomes more and more important to ensure the content reads well for the visitor to the website – auto-translation technologies aren’t au fait with local expressions and understandings at the same level.

At the same time, translation technology is improving and it’s vital to keep up with it.

Come find out more about what’s going on in the world of communication, web, tech, digital and more at the Web Summit, Dublin 2014. Find out more here >

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