Translation and Culture in Ireland: The Cameroon Association

 The Cameroon Association in Ireland

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ASCALI & Co. (Association of Cameroonians living in Limerick and Counties) was founded in 2004 by Cameroonians living in Limerick and surrounding areas. The association exists to gather Cameroonians eager to build an interdependent group in which they will share expressively put “their anguishes, sorrows and joys.”

The ASCALI & Co. helps with the integration of its members in Ireland through a service of reception, information and orientation. The goals of this association are, among others: The unification and integration of all Cameroonians in Ireland; the provision of support and resources to Cameroonian asylum seekers and refugees in Limerick; advocacy and support in the personal affairs of ASCALI&Co members through networks and relationships; the promotion and sharing of Cameroonian culture with Irish and other ethnic communities and Build the capacity of ASCALI & Co. and its stakeholders.

You can find more information about them, including events and meetings to be celebrated by contacting Pascal Mefinya, active president of the ASCALI & Co. via email at

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