These Guys Would Need Some Pretty Interesting Translators!

The French State and its team of UFO hunters!

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France has the biggest European space agency. This is a result of the space race back in the 60’s and President Charles de Gaulle’s grand determination to keep France independent of the US by building its own satellites, rocket launchers and providing elite space research. France is also the only country in Europe to maintain a full-time state-run UFO department. France’s UFO unit consists of four staff, and about a dozen volunteers who get their expenses paid to go on site and look into reports of strange sightings in the skies. This team is called Geipan which in the French language is an acronym for Study Group and Information on Non-identified Aerospace Phenomenon.

The team published their findings on their website If somebody claims to have seen strange lights in the skies, the Geipan team investigates, even verifying if the witness had been drinking or not that night. The team also has access to military flight paths and is in contact with the air force and air traffic controllers.

Could the French state know something we don’t know? As you can see they are dedicating a lot of resources in search of extra-terrestrial life. Whether you are a “believer” or a “non-believer” the Geipan website is an interesting site to visit. Unfortunately, our translation services and language combinations for interpreting don’t cover extra-terrestrial just yet!

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