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Russian Culture in DublinRussian culture

Every year between February and March, the Russian embassy, the Dublin city council and city libraries and the Russia Business Association celebrates the Russian Culture Festival. The Festival is organised to celebrate the end of winter and promote the Russian tradition, language and overall culture. The festival lasts a week and it presents traditional music, dance, children’s activity, live performances, talks, exhibitions and more. The organisers make sure there is activity to suit all cultural taste in locations all around the city.

One of the supporters of this festival is the organisation To Russia with Love. This is an Irish registered charity working to improve the lives of orphan and abandoned children in Russia. The organization based in Dublin and Russia offers different programs to provide children with a decent life. Education and social programs are created and put in practice thanks to the volunteers and the supporters of the centre. If you are interested in learning more about the festival or the organisation, please check and offer Russian translation and interpreting services along with many other language combinations. Please contact us for more information.

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