The Greek Community of Ireland, Dublin

Greece in Ireland The Greek Community of Ireland – based in Dublin – is the main association of the Greek Irish community, which is estimated to be 800 strong.

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The Irish-Hellenic Association – active for 40 years now – regularly organises Greek cultural events. In Ireland, Ancient Greek language and culture are taught in the Classical Studies Departments of tertiary education. There are Modern Greek departments at Trinity College and University College, Dublin. Greece and Ireland maintain traditionally friendly relations. There have a strong potential for further development of political relations, given that the two countries’ positions converge on a large number of issues and they share common values.

Both countries are members of the EU, the UN and the OSCE, and they both participate in the Eurozone. Both the Political and the Cultural relations between Ireland and Greece are handle by the Greek Embassy in Dublin together with the Irish government. The Head of the Greek embassy is his H.E. Mrs. Zagorianou-Prifti Constantina, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. If you are interested in the Greek culture or their language, you can contact the embassy for more information on  If you are in need of a translation company for Greek or another language, please visit We have a great range of languages and translation services.

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