The Chinese language and religion: A Chinese Gospel Church in Dublin

The Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin is an inter-denominational church with a mission orientation. The church is an autonomous but theoretically governed the local church. It is the aim of the CGCD is to have the church be characterised by spiritual worship, the preaching of their faith to all its members, administration of the Gospel Ordinance, and the exercise of their duties under their set of beliefs.

The Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin is administrated through the Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin Trust, which is a formally registered Charitable Trust. The CGCD organises weekly events centred on the Christian faith and they tend to the needs of their followers and interested parties. The church was established after the creation of the global Chinese overseas Christian mission. This mission was formed in the late 1940’s and coordinates the Chinese Christian institutions all over Europe and North America.

With so many different nationalities living and working in Dublin now, we thought it might be helpful for you to be able to feed your spiritual needs in your home language when you wish to. If you require other things for settling in here, such a document translation for visas, work permits etc., or if you require a Chinese interpreter either for an important meeting or website localisation, contact

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