A Quick Translation Tip for Localising Your Website Content for Visitors

Having your website professionally translated into multiple languages by a translation company is a great idea, however, it does of course entail costs you might not be ready for if you’re a small business, just starting out or only targeting a local area. If you’re aiming for a bigger, broader […]

Website Localisation Conference Dublin 2014

Today is day two of a very interesting conference at the fore of content marketing understandings and this week, the global conference, which has been held in spots all over the world, is on in Dublin.  ‘Localization World’ is a conference for international business, translation, localisation/localization and global website management […]

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Wednesday Web Tips: Beginning Your Online Marketing in 3 Steps

As a translation agency, we’re always working with languages, which means we’re always thinking about communication – the very pin point of what marketing is. If you haven’t considered your ‘web strategy’ or online marketing strategy yet, maybe you haven’t even set up a Facebook page or begun investigating how […]