Top Translation Stories in the News This Week

Translation stories making headlines this week seemed to include a great spectrum of stories from current, exciting technologies that spring us into the future and remind us of the types of things we might have seen in sci-fi futuristic films in our younger years, to translations of or from the […]

When You Don’t Have An Interpreter with You – Google Launches Image Text Translation Function

This week, Google launched a powerful and interesting new translation feature for smartphones – the ability to use the camera to detect that something is text, read it and translate it! Of course, it’s not working at the level of a human interpreter and translator who can understand and distinguish […]

New Communities Partnership: A Network of 175 Immigrant Led Groups

Inside The New Communities Partnership New Communities Partnership (NCP) is an independent national network of 175 immigrant led groups comprising of 75 nationalities with offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. They support and strengthen the Irish citizenship communities, providing communal/social space for ethnic minority led organisations, making available and circulating […]

Foreign Documents: Having Your Foreign Qualifications Recognised in Ireland

Moving countries is a big process, packing and booking flights, organising visas, translating documents you’ll need, finding a home and of course, finding a job. Different countries have different systems of certification for all sorts of training, areas and industries and having your qualifications recognised in a new country can […]

Translation News: New Initiative for the Turkish Language in Serbia

The Association of Turks in Serbia has launched an initiative for the introduction of the Turkish language in Serbian schools. The class will be an optional course beginning at fifth grade level. It’s seen as a beneficial move for language rights as well as promoting cultural diplomacy. “Ali Sahovic, a representative […]

Translation News: Illustrator Depicts Untranslatable Words in New Book

Writer and illustrator Ella Frances Sanders has been getting some lovely attention for her recently published book in which she illustrates and describes words that have no direct translation in English.  Image published here with permission from Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders, copyright (c) 2014. Published by Ten Speed […]