The Life of a Professional Translator & Benefits of Working in Translation

Initially, the idea of working in professional translation may not appeal to everyone. You imagine it being a process where there is a lot of studying, an awful lot of practice and a long time spent pouring over individual words and phrases to get to grips with language nuances, what the author or document […]

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Irish Tourists, Looking for the Best Places to Shop?

Visiting a new country as a tourist, travelling the world or even moving to a new country, there’s always going to be lots of interesting things to explore and visit. From beautiful countryside and beachside walks to amazing museums and galleries. There’s also the shops. Whether you’re looking for special […]

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German Translation: Learn How to Greet People in German

German or ‘Deutsch’ is a West Germanic language and derives the majority of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. Widely spoken languages that are in some ways similar to German include Luxembourgish, Yiddish, Dutch, the Frisian languages, the Scandinavian languages and English. German is written in […]

Official Translations for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates & More

Trading as Instant Translation, we provide certified translations for legal documents and certificates that are accepted by all Irish institutions. Our translators are highly qualified and experienced. Visit out main site to get a quote > Instant Translation. Examples of documents we can translate for you in numerous languages and language […]

Certified Document Translators, Legalisation of Translations & Apostille Stamp Dublin, Ireland

Legalisation of Translations The certification of a translated document’s authenticity is required by some public institutions in Ireland, i.e. GNIB, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Registry offices, National Qualification Committee, etc. Just bring or post your original document to our office for a legal certification! Apostille Apostille is […]

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Professional Spanish Translator Dublin, Ireland – Offering Spanish, English, French & Catalan

Certified Translation & Interpreting for Spanish, English, French & Catalan Our linguists are native speakers of their target languages and recognised experts in their subject areas. We have a separate team of certified translators appointed by the ministries of foreign affairs of respective countries or accredited professional bodies (Irish Translators’ […]