When You Don’t Have An Interpreter with You – Google Launches Image Text Translation Function

This week, Google launched a powerful and interesting new translation feature for smartphones – the ability to use the camera to detect that something is text, read it and translate it! Of course, it’s not working at the level of a human interpreter and translator who can understand and distinguish […]

Brazilian Embassy Notice for Minors Travelling to Ireland

Brazilian Minors Travelling to Ireland Advised to Bring Authorisation Signed By Parents/Guardians Travelling – it doesn’t half come with a lot of paperwork does it? Especially when travelling outside of your own continent. Needing to know the language somewhat, not to mention how to get around and what you’d like to […]

All out Brazilian Party in Dublin – Brush Up On Your Portuguese

It´s Friday! If you don’t have any plans and are looking to know more about the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture, I have just the party for you.   Dublin based party organizer Aldeia Da Musicawill be hosting the event including live music, Dj´s with great Brazilian and Latin music […]

Recently Moved to Dublin? Here’s a Great Way to Start Making Some Friends

Alone in Dublin? Websites with activities to make friends in the city. If you move recently to Dublin on your own, leaving friends and family behind, the city can feel a little overwhelming. Finding yourself in the weekends with nothing to do or not many friends to meet is always […]

Tips from the Translators: Brazilian Food & Events in Dublin

There are thousands of Brazilians living around Ireland with likely well over 11, 000 based in Dublin. So whether you’re Brazilian yourself and reading this looking for a taste of home and some people to speak Portuguese with for a break from speaking English all the time, or if you’re […]

brasilian restaurant


Learn a Language & Speed Dating in One in Dublin

Our latest and greatest language discovery on a meetup is a wonderful event where you can meet new people to make new friends or possibly something spark off something more romantic while practicing your English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and more at the same time. Both native speakers […]

Brazil Vs Portugal – Say Hello To Your Rivals in Their Native Tongue

With the World Cup kicking off this evening, we thought we’d give you all a quick Portuguese and Croatian lesson so you can all say friendly hellos to each other or the fans before cheering your heads off! Brazilian Portuguese is a set of dialects of the Portuguese language and is spoken by virtually […]