Going Global: Translation Services for Multilingual Content Marketing

Global or International SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially, and ironically, not making your content and website appeal to a larger audience directly – but tailoring it for various smaller audiences. In marketing, this is often referred to as a localisation of your content and marketing efforts.   If you […]

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Wednesday Web Tips: Making Twitter Enjoyable as an Online Marketing Tool

When it comes to twitter, people can be divided into three groups; those who use it constantly for work and pleasure because they enjoy it and get a lot from what it offers, (and who also give a lot by helping others) those who send out tweets for promotion, but don’t […]

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Wednesday Web Tips: Beginning Your Online Marketing in 3 Steps

As a translation agency, we’re always working with languages, which means we’re always thinking about communication – the very pin point of what marketing is. If you haven’t considered your ‘web strategy’ or online marketing strategy yet, maybe you haven’t even set up a Facebook page or begun investigating how […]