Languages, Translation & Culture: The Afghan Community in Ireland

The Afghan Community in Ireland The Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland was founded by Afghan emigrants living in Ireland. Most of the members of the ACCAI are artist and government employees who left Afghanistan in what they call a “Brain Drain”. This phenomenon is shown when many educated […]

Foreign Language Film Screenings: Short Shorts!

Shorts Shorts from Europe: EUNIC Film Screening The European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) has organised a screening of different short films on the 4th of November 2014. The event will also take place in Cork on November 8th. The films will be presented by the Alliance Francaise, the […]

A heritage like no other: Irish Jewish Community

The Irish Jewish community is an organisation focused on supporting the Jewish-Irish groups in Ireland as well as promoting Ireland’s history in relation to Israel. This community is comprised of 3 big organizations: Dublin Hebrew Congregation, Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation and Machzikei HaDas (in the Hebrew language: “those who reinforce […]

Translation & Language News: Keeping Culture Alive Through Languages

This week, in the land down under, Dr Michael Connard revived a debate about the possibility of teaching school children Indigenous languages over other entrenched staples, such as French or Japanese. Previous calls for Indigenous language education in Australian schools faced criticism about practical application barriers, such as how to […]

The Many languages & Cultures of Africa: The Africa Centre in Ireland

Ireland’s Africa Centre When trying to gain more knowledge about the many cultures and languages in the Africa region, The Africa Centre in Dublin would be a great place to start. The centre with its head office based in Dublin is a membership organisation with different focuses. The organisation aims […]

Campaign to Create Awareness for Endangered Languages 

  The “Lift Off with Language,” campaign was developed by The Student Language Exchange (SLE), a non-profit run by American students. The objective is to “foster a dialogue around linguistic diversity on American college campuses”, such as those of Native American origin. They want to ask, “What language do you want to learn next? […]

Translation & Culture Tips Dublin: The Turkish Irish Educational & Cultural Society

TIECS: The Turkish Irish Educational and Cultural Society   If you are looking to learn more about the Turkish culture before visiting the land, researching something for college or simply just for fun, TIECS is the perfect place to start if you’re in Dublin. The organisation, founded in 2004, has […]

Interested in the Greek Language and Culture? Check the Hellenic community of Ireland

HCI (Hellenic Community of Ireland) created in 1964, and recognised by the Greek and Cyprus government, it is dedicated to support and counsel the Greek community in Ireland. HCI and its voluntary members work to improve the quality of life for Greeks and Cypriots living in Ireland as well as […]

Website Localistaion through Professional Translation Services

Why online localisation is a little like the cakes at your local bakery! WHAT IS WEBSITE LOCALISATION? Website localisation (or localization) is a process whereby a website is built or adapted to suit a specific geographic area. If you think about this in real life terms with physical shops or […]

Translator Tips: Getting Multi-Cultural in Dublin with the Buena Vista Social Club

This weekend sees the arrival of the famed and amazing Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club to Dublin where they will play in the National Concert Hall on Saturday evening the 2nd of August. After 16 years thrilling audiences around the world, this will be their final tour to bid the […]