Language & Communication in Hospitality, Dublin, Ireland

Third Space is a wonderful cafe/restaurant located in Smithfield in Dublin City Centre. As well as serving excellent food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, they’re now launching their own academy! First up on their list of courses – The Language of Hospitality! If you’re new to Ireland or here […]

Corfu Greek Restaurant in Dublin: Greek Language & Food in One Great Little Spot!

Greek Language & Food in One Great Little Spot! Prodopis Kaludis and Makis Kritidis are the two owners of Corfu, a Greek restaurant located in the heart of Temple Bar, Dublin. The restaurant authenticity has been reviewed online and in print several times and is recommended by the Irish Independent. […]

Translator & Interpreter Tips: A Russian Photography Tour of Ireland

Tour Ireland offer guided tours for groups, VIPs, individuals and even offering special photography tours for those who really want to spend time capturing the scenic spots on the tour. Their specialised service also means you get the benefit of a guide, a translator and a driver in one great […]

Translation, Communication & Tech at the Dublin Web Summit 2014, 4-6 November

The translation industry is becoming increasingly advanced both in technology and requirements and scope as our world becomes increasingly global and international communications become more common and more crucial to both businesses and the consumer. Translators and marketers alike need to stay up to date with the world-wide-web and where […]

The Chinese language and religion: A Chinese Gospel Church in Dublin

The Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin is an inter-denominational church with a mission orientation. The church is an autonomous but theoretically governed the local church. It is the aim of the CGCD is to have the church be characterised by spiritual worship, the preaching of their faith to all its […]


Delicious Wines & Events: Soak Up Some Spanish Culture in Ireland

The website is a great resource dedicated to providing knowledge to those interested in Spanish gastronomy! The site, created by the Spanish Foreign Trade institute covers topics on wine information, trade and a list of Spanish events happening around the country. For wine lovers every year the website releases a […]


Translation News: Kurdish Language Gets Synchronised for Business Communications

The Kurdish languages are several spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. The Kurdish languages, of which Kurmanji Kurdish has the largest number of speakers, are not mutually intelligible – meaning speakers of one dialect may not understand another, much like the many dialects of Arabic, which can pose problems when it comes to business communication across numerous Kurdish dialects […]

Translation Language Tips: Learning Arabic

Professional translators are experts not just in their native tongue and the languages they are certified translators of, we also know a thing or two about the many languages we don’t officially work with, because we’re in touch with other translators, interpreters and people from numerous cultural backgrounds on a […]



Professional Translation Agencies & The Damage of Choosing the Wrong One

Translation services and interpreting services are of prime importance to many businesses and organisations operating or trading internationally. Nothing functions without communication, it’s not an option. And as misunderstandings happen between people speaking the same language as each other every day, in our general life as well as in the […]