When You Don’t Have An Interpreter with You – Google Launches Image Text Translation Function

This week, Google launched a powerful and interesting new translation feature for smartphones – the ability to use the camera to detect that something is text, read it and translate it! Of course, it’s not working at the level of a human interpreter and translator who can understand and distinguish […]

Translation Tips: Duolingo Language Learning App Launches for Windows Phone

Duolingo is an excellent language app that helps you to learn a number of different languages, all at the convenience of your phone, wherever you happen to have it. Practice your Spanish, French or German on your morning and evening commute or during a stroll in the park, whatever suits […]

Meet the Germans:A Blog Exploring Germans and German Society

Meet the Germans: A Blog about… Germans The Goethe Institute for German culture supports an interesting blog called “Meet the Germans” with the aim of “to explore what’s typical of Germany and German society. We’ll introduce people in different walks of life and try and find out what lies behind […]

German Traces in Ireland: An App from the Goethe institute

App from the Goethe institute If you are interested in tracing back any German roots planted in Ireland, the new interactive travel guide “German Traces in Ireland” can be an excellent tool for you. The app is created by the Goethe Institute in Dublin and it shows you traces in […]

German Translation: Learn How to Greet People in German

German or ‘Deutsch’ is a West Germanic language and derives the majority of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. Widely spoken languages that are in some ways similar to German include Luxembourgish, Yiddish, Dutch, the Frisian languages, the Scandinavian languages and English. German is written in […]

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