Foreign Documents: Having Your Foreign Qualifications Recognised in Ireland

Moving countries is a big process, packing and booking flights, organising visas, translating documents you’ll need, finding a home and of course, finding a job. Different countries have different systems of certification for all sorts of training, areas and industries and having your qualifications recognised in a new country can […]

Moving abroad: Interested in moving to the Netherlands?

Moving to the Netherlands? Document Translation & Other Needs Are you interested in living abroad and have chosen the Netherlands as your destination? If you are looking for more information on how to emigrate, the Dutch Embassy in Dublin can help you. The embassy is in charge of arranging all the […]

Translation Company Tips: Getting Your Irish Drivers License in Ireland

For a long time, many non Irish citizens who moved here were happy to drive with EU driving licenses not necessarily issued in Ireland. While this is still perfectly legal for licenses issued from many states, not holding and Irish drivers license may affect your insurance.   First things first […]

Certified Document Translators, Legalisation of Translations & Apostille Stamp Dublin, Ireland

Legalisation of Translations The certification of a translated document’s authenticity is required by some public institutions in Ireland, i.e. GNIB, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Registry offices, National Qualification Committee, etc. Just bring or post your original document to our office for a legal certification! Apostille Apostille is […]