Translating Start-Up Jargon for New Entrepreneurs & Growing Businesses

Corporate language can seem like an entirely new way to communicate and may be disconcerting if you’ve just begun to think about starting your own business. Don’t be put off by the terms you don’t understand when doing your research online. We have some helpful starter points below and there’s […]



Translation News: Kurdish Language Gets Synchronised for Business Communications

The Kurdish languages are several spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. The Kurdish languages, of which Kurmanji Kurdish has the largest number of speakers, are not mutually intelligible – meaning speakers of one dialect may not understand another, much like the many dialects of Arabic, which can pose problems when it comes to business communication across numerous Kurdish dialects […]

Non EEA and Want to Invest in Ireland? Find out more about your Visa options.

The Department of Justice has published 2014 guidelines on the Immigrant Investor Programme – an initiative started to bring investment and new jobs into Ireland essentially and it also offers an easier way for businesses who can bring something Ireland, to settle in and call Ireland home while they do […]

Investment visa Ireland