Googe Translate for Song Lyrics has Quite the Hilarious Results for Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’

Malinda Kathleen Reese was recently inspired to run some song lyrics through Google Translate into other languages and then back into English after seeing the hilarious results her friends had had when doing this with great works of literature. Being a big fan of the theme song from Disney’s ‘Frozen’, […]

Campaign to Create Awareness for Endangered Languages 

  The “Lift Off with Language,” campaign was developed by The Student Language Exchange (SLE), a non-profit run by American students. The objective is to “foster a dialogue around linguistic diversity on American college campuses”, such as those of Native American origin. They want to ask, “What language do you want to learn next? […]

The Chinese language and religion: A Chinese Gospel Church in Dublin

The Chinese Gospel Church of Dublin is an inter-denominational church with a mission orientation. The church is an autonomous but theoretically governed the local church. It is the aim of the CGCD is to have the church be characterised by spiritual worship, the preaching of their faith to all its […]

Recently Moved to Dublin? Here’s a Great Way to Start Making Some Friends

Alone in Dublin? Websites with activities to make friends in the city. If you move recently to Dublin on your own, leaving friends and family behind, the city can feel a little overwhelming. Finding yourself in the weekends with nothing to do or not many friends to meet is always […]


Translation News: Modern Chinese Dictionary Leaves Out A Word or Two

A new edition of the Modern Chinese Dictionary, recently published, has elected to add some new words and phrases in, something customary for new dictionaries everywhere and language evolves, but also decided there were some words better left out. A common phrase in Chinese, used to describe unmarried women, but directly […]

Wednesday Web Tips: Should you always use keywords in the first paragraph of a post for SEO?

SEO changes and develops as often as Google changes their algorithms. Major changes or updates are commonly announced but we can’t know the little changes, trials and tests and checking and monitoring that are happening day in and day out to see what gives users the best and most useful […]


Learn a Language & Speed Dating in One in Dublin

Our latest and greatest language discovery on a meetup is a wonderful event where you can meet new people to make new friends or possibly something spark off something more romantic while practicing your English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and more at the same time. Both native speakers […]

A Sad Day for Language Preservation: Tibetan Man Arrested for Singing

In 2010 the Chinese government revealed plans to replace Tibetan with Chinese language as the medium of instruction in schools in Amdo, eastern Tibet. Thousands of Tibetan students took to the streets to defend their fundamental right to study in their mother tongue, something which may strike a chord who […]