The Importance of Specialised Medical Interpreter & Translators

Medical Translators & Interpreters of Vital Importance to Patients   Dr. Anarella Cellitti, a faculty member at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock faculty member, has recently notes that it’s just as important to protect the rights of non-English speaking hospital patients as it is for those involved in […]

Translation & Technology Tips: The Best Translation App for iPhone and Android

Communication is the heart of translation and interpreting for different language. And professional translators are well accustomed and qualified to providing this meaningful service as their job. But what do you do when you’re doing your best to communicate with a new friend from a different country with a different […]

The Life of a Professional Translator & Benefits of Working in Translation

Initially, the idea of working in professional translation may not appeal to everyone. You imagine it being a process where there is a lot of studying, an awful lot of practice and a long time spent pouring over individual words and phrases to get to grips with language nuances, what the author or document […]

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Translation News: Translation Agency to Donate Services to Oxfam Belgium

TransPerfect is the world’s largest privately held language/translation services and technology solutions provider. They have just announced that they have been selected as the language services partner for Oxfam Belgium. TransPerfect will provide translations, portions of which will be donated, and will including brochures, PR, and electronic material, predominantly being […]

Woops: Funny Translation Miscommunication Mishap in Wales

Translation companies provide an important role in many ways, we’re here to make sure everything is translated well, taking into account all manner of cultural reference points and linguistic nuances both for document translation and in working as an interpreter. If you need us to translate some text, it’s unlikely […]

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Professional Translation Agencies & The Damage of Choosing the Wrong One

Translation services and interpreting services are of prime importance to many businesses and organisations operating or trading internationally. Nothing functions without communication, it’s not an option. And as misunderstandings happen between people speaking the same language as each other every day, in our general life as well as in the […]

Official Translations for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates & More

Trading as Instant Translation, we provide certified translations for legal documents and certificates that are accepted by all Irish institutions. Our translators are highly qualified and experienced. Visit out main site to get a quote > Instant Translation. Examples of documents we can translate for you in numerous languages and language […]

Certified Document Translators, Legalisation of Translations & Apostille Stamp Dublin, Ireland

Legalisation of Translations The certification of a translated document’s authenticity is required by some public institutions in Ireland, i.e. GNIB, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Registry offices, National Qualification Committee, etc. Just bring or post your original document to our office for a legal certification! Apostille Apostille is […]