The Arab Irish Journal: Business Connections with the Arab World

Arabic Irish Connections The Arab Irish Journal is an open online and offline publication orientated to connect business and communities between Ireland and the Arab World. The guide is distributed among CEOs, Government officials, Business leaders and trade organisations. They work towards securing the latest news on business and feature […]

Irish Russian Business Association Breakfast Briefing

The IRBA Business Breakfast Briefing took place on Monday, 29th September 2014 this week, to take an in depth look at the current Russian business climate and and ongoing developments.    The IRBA’s primary activities include: educating its members though various events, connecting with the market and peers, assisting on […]

Starting a Business in Ireland? Get a Mentor with the Enterprise Board

If you’re starting a business in Ireland, whether you’re originally from here or have moved here from abroad, little is more valuable to you and the success of your business than the lessons learned through experience from other people. The Dublin City Enterprise Board offer many programmes and training and […]

forbes ranking

Ireland’s No.1 Forbes Ranking for Countries to do Business in

In a Forbes survey from December of last year, Ireland ranked number one as a place to do business, despite the economic troubles we’ve seen in recent years. The survey, which ranks Ireland as the best place in the world to do business measured innovation, technology, monetary freedom and red […]

Ecommerce; Global Expansion and Translation for Localised Web Content

If you have on online business and you’ve been considering expansion into other markets, this could be the perfect year to start looking at Russian and French markets. Though frequently overlooked by UK and Irish businesses, Russia actually has the highest number of internet users in Europe. And according to one […]


Translating Start-Up Jargon for New Entrepreneurs & Growing Businesses

Corporate language can seem like an entirely new way to communicate and may be disconcerting if you’ve just begun to think about starting your own business. Don’t be put off by the terms you don’t understand when doing your research online. We have some helpful starter points below and there’s […]

Get Innovative with the Dublin Business Innovation Centre

The Dublin BIC (Business Innovation Centre) is a public-private business support organisation that works with state agencies and private sector investors to support entrepreneurs to build the next generation of Irish businesses. Running for over two decades, Dublin BIC’s business consultants have shared their experience, knowledge, resources and passion to the benefit business […]


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Document Translation Services for Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Today, many businesses feel the global market is open to them through the ease with which companies can now have an online presence. In other posts, we’ve discussed how website localisation can aid you gaining customers or clients in non English speaking countries. If you’re targeting Russian customers, you need […]