All out Brazilian Party in Dublin – Brush Up On Your Portuguese

It´s Friday! If you don’t have any plans and are looking to know more about the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture, I have just the party for you.   Dublin based party organizer Aldeia Da Musicawill be hosting the event including live music, Dj´s with great Brazilian and Latin music […]

brasilian restaurant

Tips from the Translators: Brazilian Food & Events in Dublin

There are thousands of Brazilians living around Ireland with likely well over 11, 000 based in Dublin. So whether you’re Brazilian yourself and reading this looking for a taste of home and some people to speak Portuguese with for a break from speaking English all the time, or if you’re […]

Brazil Vs Portugal – Say Hello To Your Rivals in Their Native Tongue

With the World Cup kicking off this evening, we thought we’d give you all a quick Portuguese and Croatian lesson so you can all say friendly hellos to each other or the fans before cheering your heads off! Brazilian Portuguese is a set of dialects of the Portuguese language and is spoken by virtually […]