‘Sad Sam Lucky’ – The Croatian Language at the Fringe Festival 2014

Matija Ferlin, a Croatian emerging artist, poet and dancer brings to the Tiger Fringe festival his award winning play Sad Sam Lucky and you can see it tonight or tomorrow night.


Although a seeming play on words, ‘Sad Sam’ translates as ‘I am’ in the Croatian Language and the play is part of his trio of Sad Sam’s.

The play is a fascinating amalgam of behaviours, words, movements and even jokes that will make you hate him, love him, beg for the end and then ask for more.

The artist is as of now one of the leading performers in Croatia and has brought Sad Sam Lucky to Europe from Montreal and NY where he received countless praise and awards. From Spanish to English and a little bit a Croatian, the play brings language and art together into a fantastic experience for the senses.

Sad Sam Lucky will be shown on tonight, September 19th and September 20th at the Project Art Centre Space on Essex street East, Temple Bar, Dublin.

If after seeing this mind-blowing play, you feel motivated to read Croatian literature, learn more about their art circles, perhaps you’d even like to bring along an interpreter to really get to the depth of it.

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