Russian Irish Film ‘Anya’ By Brown Bag Productions

Anya: A Russia with Love and Brown Bag Productions Short Film

The Irish charity To Russia with Love and the animation company Brown Bag productions produced this year the award winning short film Anya. The film, of a mere 5 minutes length presents the work of the charity through the eyes of little orphan Anya as well as her life from child to grown woman.

Although short, the film will move and inspire you with its beautiful music and imagery. The Writer/director Dameien O’Connor comments on the film, “The idea was simple, we make a piece of entertainment and if people like it, they show their gratitude by donating money directly to To Russia With Love. In a way it’s ‘visually busking’, we’re used to charity singles and calendars, so we applied the same approach to an animated film instead’.

Anya was selected as the official selection by the Portlaoise Film Festival and by the Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival.

 It is presented in Russian language with English subtitles. The film is a beautiful so be sure to check it and enjoy it. If you find yourself moved by the film, you can text HUG to 50300 to donate €4 to help To Russia With Love.

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