Recently Moved to Ireland? Translation Company Tips for Getting Your PPS Number

Getting your Personal Public Service number (PPS) in Ireland

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Your PPS number is a unique identifier for use in any transaction you may have with public bodies or persons authorised by these institutions to act in their name. It is created to allow offices to operate more efficiently with individuals. Upon arrival in Ireland, the fastest way to register is to head over to your local Social Welfare office. Whether you are arriving with a job offer or only to start your job search coming from another EU/EEA country, this number is imperative for your life in Ireland.

The documents required to obtain this number may vary going from only your passport ID to proof of address and an employment contract. A good idea is to have an address already in place and if possible a letter from your landlord. The document needs to declare that you are allowed to live in the address you are providing. Visit the website to find more information and many FAQ that can assist you in this endeavour.

If there are no issues, the process of obtaining your PPS goes relatively fast. The number will be mailed to your address within a couple of weeks. For an easier understanding of the rules; and in case the English language is not your strong suit we invite you to make use of our interpreting services and document translation services in Dublin when necessary. Visit for more information on life in Ireland or follow us on Facebook – and welcome to Ireland!

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