Recently Moved to Dublin? Here’s a Great Way to Start Making Some Friends

Alone in Dublin? Websites with activities to make friends in the city.

Making Friends in Dublin

If you move recently to Dublin on your own, leaving friends and family behind, the city can feel a little overwhelming. Finding yourself in the weekends with nothing to do or not many friends to meet is always awful when you are in a new city. Fortunately in Dublin and Ireland as well as in many other countries around the world, organisations are formed to help with making friends.

These companies are in charge of making events, meet-ups and activities where people are looking to make new friends can do just that. Organisations like and are two of the best in the industry. They are a conglomerate of people all around the world dedicated to bringing foreigners and nationals together. And if you’re female and looking to join an interesting little gang of new girl-pals, there’s Girl Crew Dublin. We’ve also featured some interesting language/foregin culture meetups in Dublin before that are worth checking out including the Arabic Culture Lovers and Learning a Language/Speed Dating in One!

If you are alone in the city or just want to meet new people, you can check their websites, register (they are usually for free, some with an option of a paid subscription) and attend any of the events they plan. You will find an event for every taste where you will be able to make some significant connections and, who knows, a great friend for life!

It may take a bit more effort to get to know people whose first language is not the same as yours, maybe they speak English and you speak Spanish, or Portuguese or Chinese. But the rich diversity in that is sure to make for an interesting friendship with lots of new things to learn and discover together.

For professional situations where there’s a language barrier, you may want to bring along an interpreter or translator.


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