Real Time Translation Chat App To Be Created by Google?

Real Time Online Translation & Messaging App?


Google, the giant of the internet world is always trying to find new ways to make our lives easier and more accessible when it come to online, apps, search, emails and more.

It’s in their interest, in return, they get to collect a lot of valuable data about all of us, sell ads and remain everyone’s go to resource, even for quick handy translations with their translation tool…however inaccurate it may be!

But new information reported by Tech Radar, suggests they’re hoping to create a chat or messaging app that translates in real time!

While this is an incredibly exciting idea, the reality is a little different. Much of language is nuances, tone, local variations and even slang or words that have no direct translation. So while it’s a very futuristic thought and we have no doubt they will achieve it at some level, we think we’d rather avoid the errors! In professional communications as well as personal.

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