Professional Translation Agencies & The Damage of Choosing the Wrong One

Translation services and interpreting services are of prime importance to many businesses and organisations operating or trading internationally. Nothing functions without communication, it’s not an option. And as misunderstandings happen between people speaking the same language as each other every day, in our general life as well as in the work environment, there is too much potential for damage when it comes to accurate understandings between people speaking different languages. The value of this came to light in a recent story in the Guardian regarding the UK government’s contract for legal translators


“We dispense the people’s justice, but it isn’t easy. Some who come before us speak other languages, so interpreters play an important role here.”


A translation agency with a government contract, you would expect would take their work quite seriously, with a team of dedicated, professional translators. But it seems they’ve not been up to the job, with the Guardian reporting that not only had interpreters not shown up for trials, resulting in postponement, but had also “botched jobs”. And it’s costing the taxpayer money. When this happens in a business, it can cost the business a lot of money that it often can’t afford to lose.

Legal translation, like certified document translation and indeed document translation for SOPs and similar; that need to adhere to compliance and regulation, need to be up to scratch. There isn’t a doubt about it. So there are things you can look out for when choosing a translation agency or translator. Look for qualifications, look for experience and look for testimonials or ask for references so you can enquire about their work for other organisations if you feel it’s necessary.

If you’re in Ireland, you can also check to make sure the company or translator is registered with the Irish Translators and Interpreters Association. Indeed they even offer a list of certified translators to help you get started in looking for the right one for your business.

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