African Films Screenings in Ireland: The Dublin African Film Festival

The Dublin African Film Festival   Dublin Africa Film Festival (DAFF) began in 2011 as a film festival that showcases ethnic African lifestyles.  It is an annual festival to showcase the work of filmmakers and a celebration of the vibrancy and potential of African artists, producers and directors. It is […]

Irish 1916 Commemoration Website Used Automated Translation Service

Translation Error in New Irish Website According to a report from RTE this week, a website launched as part of the commemoration of the 1916 Rising in Ireland went live with the Irish language version of the site translated using Google translate. The company in charge of designing the website […]

Languages & Culture in Ireland: The Latvian Community

The Latvian community in Ireland   Latvian Children & Women Association (LCWA) is a non-profitable, non-racial, non-political and non-religious organisation with a focus on promoting education, Latvian culture and integration in Ireland. The organisation was born from the need for a Latvian platform in the country of Ireland. They work […]

Life in Ireland: Taxation in Ireland for Employees and Self Employed

In Ireland, the Revenue office runs and monitors the day to day elements of taxation in Ireland. Their website offers many online services as well as information on tax rates, exemptions and tax credits you may be entitled to etc. You can find links to various aspects that may be […]

Irlanda en Español: A Tour guide of Ireland in Spanish

Irlanda en Español: A Tour guide of Ireland in Spanish If you are interested in visiting the whole of this emerald island, want professional guidance but English is not your strong language, check Irlanda en Español. This tour guide was founded by Spanish guide Margarita Gruber around the early 2000’s […]

Translation News: Oxford Dictionary Develops New App for Academic English

Translation News: Academic English with a Handy New App for Students   Academic English can seem like an entirely different language to everyday English and now to recognise that and make life easier for students, especially those of whom English is not their first language, the Oxford Dictionary have developed an […]

Translation and Culture in Ireland: The Cameroon Association

 The Cameroon Association in Ireland If you were looking for translation services either for French translators or other translation services languages, visit for more information and quotes. ASCALI & Co. (Association of Cameroonians living in Limerick and Counties) was founded in 2004 by Cameroonians living in Limerick and surrounding […]

A New Translation of The Grimm Brothers Fairytales

Tales of Translation & Fairytales Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their first take on their famous fairytales in December 1812, originally written in German, and followed this with Volume 2 in 1815. Six more editions were published, however, as time went on, they continued to make their fantastical tales more […]

Global Language Translation Software Market 2014-2020: Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts

Research and Markets has announced the addition of a new report entitled “Language Translation Software: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020 “. Smart phones are the latest market driver for software language translation and enterprises have to make websites user friendly in every locality. Globally integrated enterprises generally have […]