New Communities Partnership: A Network of 175 Immigrant Led Groups

Inside The New Communities Partnership

NCP and translators Ireland

New Communities Partnership (NCP) is an independent national network of 175 immigrant led groups comprising of 75 nationalities with offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. They support and strengthen the Irish citizenship communities, providing communal/social space for ethnic minority led organisations, making available and circulating information to their member organisations, volunteers and the wider ethnic minority community and representing the different minorities in the decision making process in their respective communities.

The NCP provides training and capacity building activities to the ethnic minority groups to identify their own needs and develop an awareness of the policy context within which services are planned and delivered.

The NCP also gives assistance with: The Citizen application support services assisting immigrants in their naturalisation process; The Homework Support Programme in the English language language assisting migrant children in homes where English is not the spoken language; and the Migrant Writers and Performing Artist in Ireland use as a platform for foreign artists living in Ireland. For more information on the NCP and it’s many other organisations, visit them at

Our translation company has interpretation and translation services in Farsi, Latvian, Portuguese and many other languages that are found within the organisations of the NCP.

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