Moving abroad: Interested in moving to the Netherlands?

Moving to the Netherlands? Document Translation & Other Needs


Are you interested in living abroad and have chosen the Netherlands as your destination? If you are looking for more information on how to emigrate, the Dutch Embassy in Dublin can help you. The embassy is in charge of arranging all the documentation and paperwork and providing you with all the necessary information. If you are interested in learning the Dutch language before moving, they can also recommend the best schools in Ireland.  Besides all this information, the Dutch Embassy is also in charge of organising cultural events and assisting Dutch nationals living in Irish territory. Their honorary consulate is located in Cork.

The capital, and probably most popular destination for travelling to and working in in Holland is Amsterdam. Famous for it’s cycling culture, it enjoys a similar climate to Ireland and offers some great opportunities for furthering your studies in their many colleges and universities.

When preparing to move abroad, there are many aspects that need to be covered. If you decide to move to a country where a different language is spoken, extra steps need to be taken. Translation agency ‘Instant Translation’, can help you with translation and legalization of your important documentation. Visit us at to check our range of services.

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