Medical Translators and The Irish Medical Technology Industry

Medical Translation is a highly specialised field. At translation company Instant Translation, this is catered for.

“Our database includes professional translators specialising in medical terminology. Instant Translation offers quality translations of medical certificates; extracts from patient’s records; translations of medical test results; documentation of medical health insurance companies, as well as translation of medical literature and scientific articles in all areas of medicine; medical research results and experimental procedures; translations of instructions for drugs and drug research and testing results.”

They’re also a translation company that can cater to technical translation needs, offering high quality translations of safety statements; translations of user manuals; work books; translations of installation manuals; patents; translations of software manuals; translations of scientific materials; project feasibility studies and other technical documentation.

This is good to know considering the growing Medical Technology Industry in Ireland. Recently the IDA published an infographic detailing the opportunities and growth for this area in Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Did you know that 13 of the top 15 global medical technology companies are based in Ireland? Companies here also often have more than one base, meaning they’re employment opportunities cover more than just one area. View the infographic below for more details on this area and to get you thinking about getting your medical translator skills up to scratch and certified.



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