Learning Traditional Russian Music in Ireland

Yesterday we wrote a post about the importance of maintaining your mother tongue for it’s role as part of your native culture and your family relationships, no matter where in the world you’ve just moved to or what your new second language to acquire is. But what about other aspects of your culture?

Russian culture

If you’re Brazilian, German, Spanish, French or indeed any other nationalityy, there are often little places hidden away waiting to connect you, or your children, the land of your birth in some way or another, be it through language, food or the arts.

For Russian parents living in Dublin, a wonderful option to keep Russian culture alive and interesting and beautiful for your kids, is the Russian School of Music, based on Harold’s Cross Road.

The Russian School of Music is a unique project which is presented by the Russian Orthodox Church in Ireland as part of its educational programme. The school provides music education of the highest standard from professional music teachers of recognised Russian Music School System.  Tuition is suitable for all ages and all grades and teachers can prepare your little ones for any of the external Grades and Diploma examinations in Ireland, as well as for an audition to a degree course in the Music Conservatory or Academy.

Group as well as private lessons are available.

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