Learn a Language & Speed Dating in One in Dublin

Our latest and greatest language discovery on a meetup is a wonderful event where you can meet new people to make new friends or possibly something spark off something more romantic while practicing your English, SpanishFrench, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and more at the same time. Both native speakers and people who want to practice them are welcome.


Tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th of July will see The Dublin Language Exchange Group presents the 10th edition of Language Speed Dating. Entry is 5€ and includes finger food and live music and they now have an offer that you can attend 5 times for the price of 4.

How it works!

“You come in, you see the flag of the language you want to learn so if you want to learn Spanish, you go to the table with the Spanish flag, if you want to learn English go to the table with an English speaking flag. It is simple. The numbers dictate the speed of change, we try our best to rotate the room, so not only do you get to speak the language of your choice but you also get to meet new people. Ok so we call it dating but if you don’t want to give out your phone number, no problem. This is firstly a language exchange but you never know you could meet someone you like! Food: Ok so each week we are doing food, after this week, we have a new promotion: not only will we be giving you food as part of the entrance fee but we will be giving you different cuisine from around the world. Sounds nice, thats because it is. Our promise is to learn from each week to get better and to make this an event like no other. We are the Dublin Language exchange, our passion is language and people. We want you to have a good time and to learn. So please tell all your friends, come and help us make this a great event.”

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