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The Latvian community in Ireland

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Latvian Children & Women Association (LCWA) is a non-profitable, non-racial, non-political and non-religious organisation with a focus on promoting education, Latvian culture and integration in Ireland. The organisation was born from the need for a Latvian platform in the country of Ireland. They work towards excellent communication with children, youngsters and families to revive and to incorporate Latvian and Irish culture (language, lifestyles etc…) especially for families. Their main objectives are to provide learning opportunities to improve Latvian people integration into the Irish society; to improve children’s ability to practice the Latvian language in mixed families and to network with the Local Government facilitate to facilitate access to public and private services.

The LCWA is connected to the Latvian Activities Centre found also in Limerick ( Latviešu Aktivitašu Centrs in the Latvian language). Together they organise parties, cultural events and have set up a Latvian Sunday school for children. You can visit their site for more information on events or local communities. If you’re in need of Latvian translation for documents or require a Latvian interpreter, contact us here.

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