Translation Company

As a translation company, Instant Translation offer numerous different services. In an age where many of us travel more, have more contacts all over the world and even have businesses that could potentially market to a huge audience online, we’ve aimed to keep our translation services high quality, relevant and looking to the future to anticipate your translation and interpreting needs. You can view our websites for our various services by clicking on the links below.


This is our main site, caters to all of your translation and interpreting needs and is offered in multiple languages (just click on your preferred choice in the top left hand corner). It also details some of our certified translators and their experience and has a handy ‘quote’ tool to cost your project or document translation.


On we keep you up to date with the latest information and tips for online marketing and SEO. Having an online business opens up the possibility of selling your products all over the world, but many people forget to cater for non-English speaking markets. So we offer free tips and pointers for you to incorporate, along with specialised localisation services to increase your reach.


Instant Translation is founded and run by Tatiana Kovalenko, a Russian language translator. Tatiana has been working in Ireland since 2001. As Tatiana has specialist Russian knowledge, contacts and experience, she shares information on for people visiting Ireland or Russian and for those doing or planning to do business – because translators know better than anyone else how important it is to understand cultures and nuances – not just the language!


All of our services are trading as Instant Translation. Visit for more information and our terms and conditions.