Language & Culture: German Art in North Dakota

German Art in North Dakota

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Andy Scholz, a German artist who longed to visit the U.S. and North Dakota received an unexpected inspiration while visiting the Dakota areas.

After seeing the movie “Fargo” he travelled to the region looking for crowding and expecting a large population, as he was used from Germany and the whole of Europe. What he found was the massive emptiness of the states of both North and South Dakota. The region, with a very small population of 1.2 million people it is mostly unoccupied and desolated. The many oil fields and empty landscape served to create a new work.

A photo exposition titled “Oil in the Fields” shows the desolation felt even amongst the new craze of the many oil fields in Bakken, North Dakota.

Andy Scholz life and work is mostly found in the German language on his website and his work includes many expositions and lectures around the country. You can check for more information. As the website is mostly in German,

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