Inter Cultural & Multi Cultural Events in Dublin, Ireland with Blue Fire

Translation services professionals have the joy of interacting with people from diverse background and cultures in their day to day life, experiencing not just different languages, but different stories and experiences. When people from different cultures come together to work on something, one helping the other or learning about the other, we find opportunities to discover our similarities too and these are the moments that create bonds of love and friendship. Events and the arts are wonderfully unifying force too. But multi and Intercultural events can be hard to find in Dublin, hence the existence of Blue Fire, founded by Keren Jackson in May 2013, and the reasons behind her creating it are unifying and beautiful!
multi cultural
“It was clear that as a nation we were experiencing mass immigration, and that wasn’t going to change.  It has been proven that when cultures come together in an integrated manner, we can develop more as individuals, and our economy can also improve.  While there are many intercultural and and anti racism groups in Ireland, few focus on the arts as a means to create this integration…and there is also a lot of research that shows the arts as a powerful tool in connecting communities and creating integration. It is for these reasons that we decided intercultural artistic events is a fundamental element of the integration process that we need to develop.”
This coming September they’ll be running a festival along with three other events along side a fund-it campaign in order to make the festival possible.

Inner City Street Fest is a one day intercultural arts festival in that will take place in Smithfield Plaza, celebrating cultural diversity in an interactive manner. It will showcases the wide variety of arts and culture Dublin has to offer having become multicultural, allowing audiences to ‘travel the world’ within this one city, on one very special day.

The festival, now in its second year, is based on a framework of community development collaborative involvement and socio-cultural engagement and numerous groups take part in the creation of it.

“The aim for the festival itself is to have attendees interacting not only with the artists involved but with each other. As well as all the live music from around the world which will be on stage, we are also planning workshops and fun educational activities in our ‘education zone’, enjoyable laughs through relaxed group exchanges in the ‘comedy picnic’ tents, traditional food exchanges to bring people together without the need for a common language, inter-generational ‘story telling’, family play-dates with interactive story telling where children can socialise and mix with each other, free dance lessons, bartering skills exchange, informal traditional music sessions…and many more activities and interactions.”

Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for news of upcoming events and get in touch with them if you’re interested in being involved. If you’d like a translator or interpreter to help out or accompany you on the day, get in touch with translation company Instant Translation.


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