Illustration & Translations: The Guardian Want You to Help Them Make a Picture Dictionary

For the European Day of Languages this coming Friday, the Guardian newspaper has decided to celebrate by inviting everyone along to the party in the form of contributing pictures and words in your language. There are 24 officially recognised languages within the European Union and according to the article, over half of Europeans are able to hold a conversation in at least one further language.


“Whether you’re based in Wirral or Warsaw, Brno or Birmingham, share a picture or video of something you encounter every day and tell us what this object or thing is called in your home language. It might be your country’s traditional meal that you happen to be eating this lunchtime, a picture of your beloved pet dog or something you see on your way to work. You can share your photos and videos by clicking on the blue ‘Contribute’ button on this article.”

For some inspiration, you can also check out these beautiful book of illustrated words that have no direct translation to English! So get drawing your words whether it’s English, Irish, Spanish, French, German or more. Maybe you’d even do one encompassing the variety of languages you speak and translate the same word through each language. Feel free to share them with us on twitter too by including our twitter handle @dublintranslate.

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